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{ther•happy} Signature Calming Remedy

{ther•happy} Signature Calming Remedy

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This magical little remedy was originally created for the mamas attending my 6-week workshop, Body After Birth. I wanted something that would support them emotionally as they healed their physical body with Pilates. 

Each of the ladies experienced healing benefits that ranged from feeling less irritability, less anxiety, to more joy and peace.

The Calming Remedy contains 4 different Flower Essences including Yarrow, Angelica, Lovage, and Borage.

Size: 1/2 oz. 

Suggested use: Take 3 drops, 3 times a day sublingually. Careful for your Essence by keeping it away from heat, direct sunlight, electronics, and avoid touching your mouth and tongue.

*most remedies were charged until a magical Full Moon. 

*safe for nursing moms & does not interfere with medication